Happy Holidays


Merry Christmas to all of our families!

Martini Family, Mansour Family, Elam Families, Carbon Family, Klepeisz Family, Brookbank Family, Benjamin Family, Schaffer Family, Wolff Families and all of our dear friends! Sean Farmer, Jake Heidrich, Ethan Confer, Jon Henzel, Vanessa & Brian Darrey, Julie Tenuto & Matt Pagano, Mike Lobb & Pinky, Jen Whitmarsh and everyone else!

We Love You All!

Golden_Music_Christmas_Tree_Transparent_PNG_Clip_Art_ImageThe 14 Kids of Christmas!Golden_Music_Christmas_Tree_Transparent_PNG_Clip_Art_Image
Michael Brookbank
Ron Brookbank
Brittney Elam
Evan Elam
George Schaffer
Braden Elam
Kylie Elam
Brody Elam
Brooklynn Elam
Veda Benjamin
Charlie Schaffer
Mason Elam
Kolton Elam
Fiona Martini

We have been on the road for the last few months and everywhere we go we’re always thinking of you.  We wish we could bring you each treasures from every corner of the country but our van is just too small!  So, we thought we’d share with you the next best thing… Music!  We learned and recorded these songs for you all.  They haven’t been heard by anyone else… yet!  We hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as we enjoyed playing them for you.  We love you all so much. Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas!

Peace on Earth

Leon & Tia


Joy to the Snow

giphy (1)

Teddy Bear Picnic

giphy (2)

Cockroaches on Parade

giphy (4)

Aint No Bugs On Me

giphy (5)

Jenny Jenkins


Call To Prayer

giphy (6)

Yakety Yak

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Download the songs from Google Drive:  DOWNLOAD HERE!!!! CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD!!

Recorded at an EconoLodge in Livingston, MT on Dec. 15th & 16th, 2017.